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Terms & Conditions

To ensure Barnabus maintains a top quality service and that our staff and equipment are looked after, please be sure to read and understand all our Terms and Conditions of hire below. If there are any issues please contact us and we would be glad to discuss the details with you. By making a booking you agree to our terms & conditions.

Booking & Payment Process


Quotations are not tentative bookings. Quotations are generally valid for a period of 14 days unless otherwise stated. Quotations are provided based on the information that you provided. Please confirm bookings details with us at the time of booking.


Bookings can be made by email or telephone. Amendments can be made and usually there is no additional charges for changes. Once a booking is accepted, an invoice will be sent to you which would act as the booking confirmation once payment has been processed. Please note our payment due date.

We understand changes are inevitable however we cannot guarantee availability for the amended booking in relation to a change of date and/or time.

Barnabus reserves the right to outsource the booking to one of our trusted affiliates. We may also assign another vehicle to your booking unless a specific vehicle is requested for the booking.


All journeys are to be pre-paid unless prior agreement is made. Our preferred payment method is Direct Deposit into our Australian bank account, the details are attached in our invoice.

Credit cards attract a surcharge. We are able to accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex via secure online payment portal or over the phone.

Cash payments are not accepted unless prior arrangement is made, in which case credit card details will be taken as security.

Cheques: Business and Bank cheques are accepted, no personal cheques.


All chartered bookings require credit card details to be held as security. Details can be provided over the phone or by signed authorization forms. Under normal circumstances, no charges or pre-authorization will be required, details are stored securely and will be destroyed at the end of an incident free booking. However in some incidences (weddings, work functions and other alcohol related events) will require pre-authorization which will not be captured unless incidents arise during the course of the booking. Please see below for our Acohol and cleaning policy.

Extra charges


Overtime charges apply for delays caused by the passengers and take effect >15 min after the booked departure time: charged at 30 min blocks or part there of. This includes any delays such as unplanned stops, purchasing of SIM cards at the airport, smoking breaks etc. Unless prior arrangements are made, overtime charges will be charged at $120/hr, calculated in 30 minute intervals or part thereof.


Strictly no alcohol onboard under any circumstances

>Cleaning of liquids or other mess is at a rate of $100/hr (deducted from security bond)

Cleaning of any bodily fluids is a minimum charge of $500

Overtime charges applies for delays <15 minutes from booked departure times, charged at $150/hr, calculated in 30 minute intervals or part thereof.


Toll roads are not used unless specified at time of booking. If toll roads are requested during the journey the full cost will be passed onto the client.


We understand cancellations are inevitable in some cases. Here are our cancellation charges:

  • > 7 days prior: no charge
  • > 7 days – 24 hours prior to booked charter date: 85% refund unless new booking is made.
  • > 24 hours prior: 50% refund unless new booking is made
  • Cancellation on the day or failure to arrive for booking: no refund unless prior arrangements made

During the Journey

It is the Driver’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all passengers during the journey. It is our policy that the driver has the authority to instruct the passengers over safety issues.

Passengers are to be seated at all times when the vehicle doors are closed. Seat belts must be worn at all times. The driver is not responsible for any fines incurred for the passengers not wearing their seat belts.

Food and drinks are not permitted to be consumed onboard our vehicles, unless prior arrangements are made.

Strictly no alcohol to be consumed onboard our vehicles. NO SMOKING

We welcome you onboard our vehicles but please take your rubbish with you.

While we spend considerable effort to plan our journeys to ensure there is plenty of time, Barnabus cannot be held responsible for scenarios outside our control, such as vehicle breakdowns, traffic delays, road closures etc.

The Driver has the authority to remove any passengers who pose a risk to the safety of the Driver and fellow passengers, and any passengers who threaten to damage our vehicles. The driver also has the right to terminate a trip should the group become uncooperative with no refund. We are here to serve you but we will not tolerate any unsocial behaviour.

Any highly intoxicated or disorderly passengers who are likely to be a health and safety risk to other passengers or drivers will be refused travel

Any damage by intoxicated persons (malicious or otherwise) will be reported to police

Parties and Work Functions

Barnabus reserves the right to screen and selectively quote any and all party/work function related enquiries and such bookings will require credit card details to be held as cleaning security, a $500 pre-authorization will be processed, but the charges will be not captured if the booking remains incident free throughout.

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Complaints & Feedback

Should our passengers wish to make a complaint our vehicles carry ‘Complaints forms’. Please ask your driver for one. We take our level of service very seriously and we are constantly seeking to improve our services. All complaints will be addressed and dealt with by management.

Barnabus has many satisfied clients, our terms and conditions exist for the protection of our drivers, our vehicles, our company and also you, our valued customer. This ensures we can continue to provide our high level of service and maintain our vehicles to the highest standard. It is our wish that you enjoy your journey with us