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Alex’s childhood dream was to drive a double-decker bus. Barnabus does not yet operate a double-decker but it’s a step in the right direction!

Alex loves all things with wheels – motorised or not. In the past, Alex has worked in the automotive aftermarket performance industry, where he was able to ‘play’ with his favourite German cars, then he used his engineering training as a mechanical engineer / designer with railway vehicles. Alex currently is doing post-graduate studies and also volunteers as a part time English teacher, even though he hated English as a subject in school.

He dislikes seafood, shopping and pop stars. When not working, he loves spending time with his two young boys to chase all kinds of unusual trains – freight trains, steam trains, you name it.



Gareth is the team’s quiet achiever. Gareth is one of those guys who doesn’t say much, but when he opens his mouth, his words are full of wisdom.

Prior to the bus industry, Gareth operated a café and also ran a catering business. These days, he loves a good cup of coffee and can be a bit critical if it’s not up to standard.

Gareth has a passion for planting vegetables in his garden, playing Lego with his son, mountain biking and camping. He was born in the other side of the world, see if you can pick his accent?



Karson is the multi-skilled member of the group. Tasked with keeping the fleet looking its best, you will find Karson always early at the depot, making sure that the coaches are looking their best.

Like Gareth, Karson also enjoys a good cup of coffee, but is much more enthused and almost nerdy about it. He also enjoys spending quality time with his wife to seek good restaurants and day trip locations.

Karson is passionate about road vehicles – the larger, the better. He really loves driving, even when he is not working, you will find him on the open road, somewhere far away from home.



Andrew definitely makes coming to work more fun each day. Having the unofficial title of “Mr Cheerful”, you often have to think twice when listening what he is telling you, as he is very likely to be joking around.

Having worked in many different industries, Andrew will surprise you with his great knowledge on all things. Next time you ride a new generation passenger train in Brisbane, take a look at some of his design work inside the cabin.

When not working, you may find him on a podcast, reviewing all sorts of things from wine to movies, or a random drama that he has created.



Have you seen our beautiful Instagram and Facebook posts? Or our quirky videos? Roy is our marketing genius behind all these. Even though he is the youngest in our group, he is packed with skills and knowledge as Roy has worked in many different jobs in different trades.

Roy is passionate with creating videos that tell stories. He is also fussy with his coffee.

Born in a country with cold climate, he escaped to sunny Queensland and has not looked back since. 

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