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Our Story

Like all wonderful ideas, BarnaBUS started from a conversation over coffee and a quick prayer.

Owner Alex has always enjoyed driving. With many friends who visit from overseas, we are always at the airport picking up and sending off friends. Through our involvement with English Corner, we are meeting even more friends from other countries. We found that many of our backpacking friends find it difficult to get to many places in South-East Queensland without private transport.
Alex decided to combine his love for driving, large vehicles, meeting new people and being a tour guide all together into BarnaBUS.
And that is why we exist – BarnaBUS is run and supported by a young group of fun-loving and passionate Christians, who love to meet new friends and show them beautiful Australia, to make their time in Australia as memorable and enjoyable as possible! We are a fully accredited operator, our drivers are all authorised by QLD Transport and have received additional advanced driver training on top of their normal driver’s license. We want to offer quality coach hire in Brisbane, that clients can trust.

Where does the name “Barnabus” come from?

BarnaBUS is named after a character from the book of Acts: Barnabas. Barnabas – meaning the son of encouragement, was a generous guy who sold his own field and distributed the money to whoever had the need. Barnabas’s real name was Joseph, but the nickname was given to him by other apostles who thought his character reflected this special nickname. Like Barnabas, we also wish to share our assets and our resources!


BarnaBUS is driven by Relevation 7. In this passage, John was given a glimpse of the New Heaven, where he hears 144000 from every tribe from the sons of Israel. But as he looks, in verse 9 “he sees a vast multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language, which no one could number, standing before the throne and before the Lamb”. BarnaBUS wants to be part of this vision, contributing to planting seeds into the lives of people from every nation, tribe, people and language.